Sinumerik 810 820

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۲۴ اردیبهشت ۱۳۹۸
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600 بازدید
۱۰,۰۰۰ تومان
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Sinumerik 810 820

The Sinumerik 810 820 are microprocessor-controlled CNC continuous-path control system for compact machine tools.

• The SINUMERIK 810M is used primarily to control boring and milling machines
• Programming can be either computer-aided or manual
• The SINUMERIK 810M can process 9999 main programs and 9999 subroutines.
۲۰۰ main programs and subroutines can be stored simultaneously in the memory.

On this control panel you can select the X, Z, C, 4, 5, 6 and 7 axes with the axis selection
But you can also connect
– any M machine control panel to a SINUMERIK 810/820/T.
– any T machine control panel to a SINUMERIK 810/820/M.
In any case you must define which machine control panel is connected in machine data
۵۰۰۹.۱ = ”۰”: T machine control panel
۵۰۰۹.۱ = ”۱”: M machine control panel.

Looking up NC Parameters.

Main screen – Page right – diagnosis – diagnosis – page right – NCMD gets you to Machine data.

Changing NC Parameters 

in the Sinumerik 810 820 once the parameter is accessed try to enter the new values and INPUT. Fisrt time ask for a password . Try 1111 or get the password from your OEM.

Loading the whole software:

Four files need to be loaded  in the initial clear mode

  1. TEA1 – Nc data file
  2. TEA2 – PLC data file
  3. PCP – Ladder or OEM logic
  4. PCA – Alarm text

Programming side

  1. Programs – User
  2. Cycles – User
  3. Settting Data
  4. R parameters
  5. Zero and tool offsets

RS232C Commmunication

Null modem cable. RTS /CTS hardware handshake 9600, 7 , E, 2 setting on your PC corresponds to Setting data ( see the PDF file)

Data Types

MPF Part program (Main Program File)

SPF Subroutine (Sub Program File)

TOA Tool offset (Tool Offset Active)

ZOA Zero offset (Zero Offset Active)

TEA 1 NC machine data (TEsting Data Active 1)

TEA 2 PLC machine data (TEsting Data Active 2)

PCA PLC alarm text (Programmable Control Alarms)

PCP PLC program (Programmable Control Program)

RPA R parameters with assigned values (R Parameter Active)

SEA Addresses with assigned values (SEtting Data Active)

CLF Clear instruction (CLear File)

UMS User Memory Submodule

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