Fanuc System 6 CNC control

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 Fanuc System 6 CNC control

The FANUC SYSTEM 6 CNC control Series M-MODEL B incorporates the FANUC DC servo motor yellow cap M series with A20B-0009-0320 Control boards, the world’s most widely used servo motor, resulting in high speed, powerful and stable machining. Also, the compact, fully-enclosed type FANUC spindle motor serves for electric spindle orientation control (patent Pending).

fanuc system 6

USER MACRO (option)

With user macro (body) the user can program, store, recall and execute his own automatic cycles, family programs etc. In other words, the user or machine tool builder creates his own software, thereby permitting unique software designed to match the needs of the given NC machine tool, for enhanced functional expandability and individually tailored work capability.

  • variables can be used
  • inter-variable calculations (add/subt/mult/div, trigonometry, binary/decimal transformations, etc.) are possible
  • branching is possible
  • remote reading and output of actual variable values is possible


  •  Fanuc System 6 CNC control stores part programs and subprograms in the memory. Capacity: 66ft (20m) of tape information as standard and 132/264/1056ft (40/80/320m) as option
  • allows tapeless operation by part program or user macro stored in the memory and by calling the stored sub program as required.
  • searches, deletes and corrects stored words and blocks and inserts new words.
  • searches and deletes part programs stored in the memory.
  • operates the machine by the corrected part program.
  • records edited part program permanently on paper tape by connecting FACIT 4070 or I/O device with ASR43/33 or RS232C interface. (option)

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 Fanuc System 6 CNC control Specifications

RS232 serial communication parameters

Fanuc 6-TA and 6-MA Controls

Fanuc 6-TB and 6-MB Controls

parameters on the machine

parameters on the PC

Cable connection

Backup & Restore Your Control 

NC Parameters

Pitch Error Compensation

Part Programs

Tool Offsets

System Parameters

Fanuc 6 Alarms

Program Errors or Operator’s Errors

Errors on Stroke Limit Switch

Errors on Servo System

Errors on PCB or Cables

Overheat Alarms

Errors on Memory

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