Fanuc System 3 CNC control

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Fanuc system 3 CNC controller

Fanuc System 3 CNC control

Fanuc System 3 CNC control

Fanuc System 3 CNC control MODEL A is a 2 or 3 axis contouring Fanuc CNC control for drilling and milling machines. In particular, the FANUC SYSTEM 3M-MODEL A is designed to offer maximum economy.


  • stores part programs and subprograms in the memory.
  • Capacity: 33ft (10m) of tape information as standard, and 66ft (20m) as an option.
  • allows tapeless operation with the part program stored in the memory, and by calling the stored sub program as required.
  • searches, deletes and corrects stored words or blocks and insert new words.
  • searches and deletes part programs stored in the memory.
  • operates the machine by the corrected part program.
  • record edited part program on paper tape permanently, by connecting ASR 33 (option).
  • punches out corrected part programs via connection with equipment featuring ASR or RS232C interface.
  • This simplifies and speeds up program debugging. The trouble of setting or changing the NC tape is eliminated. The part program stored in the memory can be quickly modified to under the most suitable cutting condition.


Controlled Axes: 3 axes (X,Y and Z)
Simultaneously Controllable Axes: 2 axes (XY, ZX, YZ): 1 in MANUAL mode.

However, in case that more than two manual pulse generators are used, two axes are controlled simultaneously.
Increment System
Data Input System: Keyboard input system
Decimal Point Programming
Maximum Programmable Dimensions: +- 7 digits.
Rapid Traverse: ( 100%, 50%, 25% F0; parameter)
Feed Rate Range: ( 0~150%)
Automatic Acceleration/Deceleration: Linear for rapid traverse, exponential for feed (by servo lag)

and ….


  • Setting parameters on the machine
  • Setting parameters on the PC
  • DNC settings
  • Transmit settings
  • Receive settings
  • Cable connection
    • If the PC has 9 pin connector
    • If the PC has 25 pin connector
            • Fanuc System 3 CNC control Alarms and Error Codes
            • Fanuc 3M CNC Control Specifications.
            • and …

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