Fanuc OM

                        Fanuc OM
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Fanuc 0M

The Fanuc OM -C control has two RS-232 interfaces. Interface number 1 (M5) and Interface number 2 (M74).

To make any changes to the machine parameters you must enable Parameter Write Enable (PWE). Always backup parameters before making any changes.

  • Select MDI mode.
  • Press the DGNOS/PARAM hard key.
  • Press the PARAM soft key.
  • Press the PAGE down hard key once or until the ‘SETTING 2’ page is displayed.
  • Change PWE from 0 to a 1. The control will enter an alarm state, this is normal. Change back to 0 when finished and press the Reset button to clear alarm.

soft overtravel limits

What Fanuc control, you may have to power down, hold the cancel & P buttons , power up and hold until boot finished to cancel the soft overtravel limits.

Determination of Fanuc 0 Model Types

To determine the version of the Fanuc 0 series CNC Control, check the master board number and/or the software version. Fanuc OM

۱۹۸۵ / ۱۹۸۶ Fanuc 0-MA and Fanuc 0-TA 120M maximum battery backed resident memory.

۱۹۸۷ / ۱۹۸۹ Fanuc 0-MB and Fanuc 0-TB 320M maximum battery backed resident memory.

۱۹۹۰ / ۱۹۹۸ Fanuc 0- MC and Fanuc 0-TC 320M maximum battery backed resident memory.

File content:

Set the parameters on the machine

set the controller in the Drip feed mode

Punching Procedure ON Fanuc OM

Punch NC Parameters

Punch PC Parameters

Punch All Programs

Tool Offsets

Reading Procedure

Load NC Parameters

Load PC Parameters

Load All Programs

Load Tool Offsets

Clearing Procedure

Delete All memory

Delete Parameters

Delete Programs

To receive program from PC: 
To send program to PC:
Fanuc 0 DNC Drip-Feeding Note

Set the following parameters on the PC

DNC settings

Transmit settings

Receive settings

Cable connection  

 If the PC has 9 pin connector

If the PC has 25 pin connector

in this PDF file you can see

Fanuc OM RS232 DNC Cable Design , Paremeter setting in PC and Machine side , Data Input / Output & software limit cancle procedure

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