Sinumerik System 8

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Sinumerik System 8

Sinumerik System 8 is one of the sinumerik cnc controllers.

Drip Feed is not possible in this machine.

in the file you can see the PC side and sinumerik side parameters and cable for RS232 communication  , ….

۱۹۶۰ World’s first industrial standard NC

The most important European electrical outfitter in the field of mechanical engineering in the 1950s launches the first industrial-standard NC (numerical control) onto the market with Sinumerik.

Sinumerik soon provides impressive proof of its practical aptitude in the form of a turret lathe.
Over the course of several generations of systems, the first genuine path PLC (programmable logic controller) is developed based on discrete electronic components.
Special versions of the PLC follow for machining technologies such as turning, milling, grinding, and nibbling.

۱۹۷۶ First CNC with microprocessor

In 1973 the Sinumerik 500C, which for the first time is based on a process computer, takes a major step toward CNC (computerized numerical control).

The Sinumerik System 7 introduced in 1976 is the first CNC equipped with a microprocessor, and enables DNC (distributed numerical control) networking.
The improved version, Sinumerik “System 7 Sprint,” enables contours to be programmed.

۱۹۷۹ Multichannel capability of CNC

Sinumerik System 8 is a multichannel CNC with an integrated PLC that is equally suited to turning and milling as it is to drills and nibbling machines.

A CNC distinguished by its compact “shoe box size” design is devel-oped in parallel with the Sinumerik Primo.
The launch onto the market of the IBM 5150 (the fi rst IBM PC) in 1981 is followed by Sinumerik System 3 , a CNC that is posi-tioned between the System 8 and Primo.

۱۹۸۴ Openness of the user interface

The System 800 subscribes to the principle of “openness,” which also defines all other CNC generations.

The fi rst CNCs in this family to come onto the market are the Sinumerik 810T/M and 820T/M with an open human-machine interface (HMI)
for adapted user interfaces; they are positioned in the medium performance range.

In subsequent years, the modular Sinumerik 850 and 880 (with a varying number of axes) for the upper performance range are added.

This family of PLCs is completed for the lower performance range with the compact Sinumerik 805.

۱۹۹۴ Openness in the NC core

Siemens launches the Sinumerik 840D in 1994 for the upper performance range as a system standard and equips this PLC with digital drive coupling and an open NC core.

This enables the integration of software components into the CNC, which makes the technological expertise of tool manufacturers part of the automation process.
Digital coupling of the CNC to the drives finally enables further development at various levels.

The family of PLCs is extended once again: the Sinumerik 810D is provided for midlevel requirements, while the company covers the lower application area with the 802D.

۱۹۹۶ World’s first CNC with “Safety Integrated”

Under international guidelines and laws, people working with machinery must be protected against dangerous movement.

To this end, various functions are used to monitor, for example, speed.

The use of electronics and software in place of contact-based hardware were the key to this groundbreaking innovation. Through the pioneering work of Siemens, integrated safety technology has now become established as standard practice in mechanical and system engineering.

۲۰۰۱ Machine simulation and virtual prototyping

In order to further increase the productivity of machine manufacturers and users, Siemens opens the era of “machine
simulation” and “virtual prototyping” at the start of the new millennium. “Mechatronics support” assists machine manufacturers in the development phase.

Newly developed simulators enable machining procedures and entire production processes to be analyzed in virtual
mode, while a virtual CNC control allows integration into commercial simulation systems. Other tools for end users include Web-based condition monitoring and cross-manufacturer platforms for online diagnostics, online maintenance, and online service.

۲۰۰۵ New PLC generation

The new Sinumerik generation of PLCs, based on the Sinamics S120 drive system, also ensures communication via Industrial Ethernet/Profi net.

As a high-end PLC of this generation, the Sinumerik 840D sl for high technology is the fi rst product to come onto
the market.

It is characterized by extreme openness and fl exibility. It is followed by the Sinumerik 802D sl, a simple and cost-
effective variant that is primarily of interest to companies in emerging countries.

The family of products is completed by the Sinumerik 828D, which is positioned between the two and is an ideal
PLC for job-shop businesses.

۲۰۰۸ Integrated solutions

In order to optimize the product development process, CAD/CAM and CNC systems must increasingly merge with one another.

Medical technology companies use this integration, for example, in the manufacturing of implants. Following initial data capture, the image data created are used for the modeling, design, and programming of the implants.

With the CAM software NX, the tools and functions can be tested virtually under production conditions. The CAM language can be translated into NC code for the machine through the use of optimized postprocessors and transferred to Sinumerik via DNC.

۲۰۱۰ Innovative motion control and operation

The Sinumerik MDynamics technological package for the Sinumerik 840D sl and the Sinumerik 828D integrates the new
Advanced Surface motion guidance.

It ensures that fi ner surface fi nishes are achieved in an even shorter machining time than was previously possible. The graphical representations for the new standard Sinumerik user interface, Sinumerik Operate, have been enhanced, and an explorer structure has been developed that contains practical functions taken from day-to-day PC use, such as copy and paste.
This enables machine operators to make more intuitive use of the new user interface.
The basic structure is based on ShopMill/ShopTurn and is particularly user-friendly and offers innovative functions.

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