Fanuc System 10/11/12/15

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Fanuc System 10/11/12/15

The Fanuc System 10/11/12/15 cnc controllers are capable of controlling between 2 and 15 axes. Each system is equipped with a powerful PMC (programmable machine controller) which further permits positioning control of 4 axes.

The PMC features its own high-speed microprocessor exactly like that used in the NC. Also, memory capacity and the number of I/O signals have been vastly increased. As a result, all three models offer sufficient control capacity to meet the needs of unmanned operation and flexible manufacturing systems. A large window has also been provided between the PMC and NC which allows efficient control of an increasing number of machine tool peripherals. The FANUC Series 10/11/12 CNCs represent the consummation of today’s most advanced technologies in a wide variety of fields, including powerful microprocessors, newly developed large-scale custom LSIs, optical fibres, large-capacity bubble memories and colour CRTs. They provide outstanding performance with high reliability and a compact design. In addition to conventional tape NC functions, they also permit conversational automatic programming.

When used with FANUC AC Servo and Spindle motors, they offer the ideal combination to meet the needs of every NC user.


Check the text editor to visually confirm that system parameters N9100 – have been sent to the computer. If these parameters are not found in your listing, please repeat this section (Punching CNC Parameters). Take this moment to write down the 9100 series option parameters for backup purposes.

Please write 9100 to 9207 parameters To be entered from the I.P.L. screen.

File content:

Fanuc System 10, 11, 12 and 15 series

Parameters on the machine

Parameters on the PC

General settings

DNC settings

Transmit settings

Receive settings

Cable connection for RS232

 Fanuc Series 10/ 11 Memory Backup Procedure

Fanuc Series 10/ 11 Memory Restore Procedure




Alarm codes


Parameter Worksheet

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