Fanuc OT CNC Program Manual Gcodetraining

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Fanuc OT CNC Program Manual Gcodetraining

Fanuc OT CNC Program Manual Gcodetraining

۱. M00 : For this command, main spindle stop, cutting oil, motor stop, tape reading stop are
M01 : While this function is the same as M00, it is effective when the optional stop switch of
console is ON.
This command shall be overrided if the optional stop switch is OFF.
M02 : Indicates the end of main program.
M30 : This is the same as M02 and it returns to the starting position of the programme when
the memory and the tape are running.
۲. M code should not be programmed in the command paragraph containing S code or T code.
It is favorable for M code to programe in a command paragraph independently.
۳. The edges of processed material become round due to the effect of characteristics of AC
servo motor. To avoid it, M74 and M75 functions are used.


According to G32 command, straight thread and taper thread of certain lead are cut.

G32 Z(w) F : (G32 is applied to only single block)

X(u) F :

Example 1) STRAIGHT lead

Lead of screw : 3mm

               d1 : 5mm

               d2 : 1.5mm

Depth of cut : 1mm(2cut two times)


G50 T0100 :

G97 S800 M03 :

G00 X90.0 Z5.0 T0101 M8 :

X48.0 :

G32 Z-71.5 F3.0 :

G00 X90.0 :

Z5.0 :

X46.0 :

G32 Z-71.5 :

G00 X90.0 :


X150.0 Z150.0 T0100 :

M30 :

* When processing G32 thread, feed(pitch) is modal.

(G70, G71)

N10 G50 S1500 T0101 :
G96 S180 M03 :
G00 X85.0 Z5.0 M08 :
Z0 :
G01 X-1.6 F0.25 :
G00 X83.0 Z2.0 :
G71 U3.0 R1.0 :
G71 P20 Q30 U0.5 W0.1 F0.27 :
N20 G42 G00 X30.0 : G71 CYCLE CUTTING FEED
G01 Z-20.0 F0.17 :
X40.0 Z-40.0 :
Z-60.0 :
X50.0 Z-70.0 :
Z-90.0 :
X60.0 Z-110.0 :
Z-140.0 :
X80.0 :
N30 G40 :
G70 P20 Q30 : (When using the same bite)
G00 X200.0 Z200.0 T0100 :
M30 :
¡¯ When finishing, if a different bite is used
G00 X200.0 Z200.0 T0100 :
M01 :
N40 G50 S2000 T0303 :
G96 S200 M03 :
G00 X83.0 Z2.0 M08 :
G70 P20 Q30 :
G00 X200.0 Z200.0 T0300 :
M30 :

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